Sway Bar

A renovated 14’ all black cargo trailer complete with two beer towers and all of the equipment needed to keep your drinks chilled. The inspiration behind Sway Bar’s interior was a twist on rustic modern farmhouse style, combining on-trend fixtures like barn lights with natural elements like reclaimed wood and stainless steel, to create a mobile bar that is as beautiful as it is functional.

All Sway Bar Packages Include:

  • Trailer Rental
  • Ice
  • Plastic Cups
  • 2 Smart Serve Certified Bartenders at 4 Hours of Service

Sway Cart

Sway Cart is a sophisticated, white and gold accented bar with a built-in dual tap kegerator to serve specialty cocktails and your favourite beverages on tap. Ideal for small venues, retail and office locations, Sway Cart can also be booked as an additional bar station packaged with our Sway Bar trailer to limit wait times and improve drink flow. Our cart can only serve events up to 50 guests.

All Sway Cart Packages Include:

  • Cart Rental
  • Ice
  • Plastic Cups
  • 1 Smart Serve Certified Bartender at 4 Hours of Service​


- Corks and Barrels -

Sometimes simple is better. 
  • Includes our Draft System
  • Beer, Wine, Cider and Bubbles

- In Good Spirits -

The standard bar rail.
  • Beer, Wine, Cider, Bubbles and Mixed Drinks (Rum and Coke, Vodka Cranberry, and Rye and Ginger)
  • Pricing Includes Garnish and Mix

- Mixology 101 - 

Craft the perfect cocktail.
  • Beer, Wine, Cider, Bubbles, Mixed Drinks, Specialty Cocktails and Signature Drinks (Negroni, Martini, Old Fashioned)
  • Custom Signature Drink and Menu to Match to your Theme
  • Pricing Includes Garnish, Mix, Fresh Juice and Syrups


  • Additional Drink Stations
  • Lighting
  • Dance Floors
  • Cocktail Tables
  • Harvest Tables
  • Chairs

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